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Ceridwen ([personal profile] snugglebitch) wrote in [community profile] om_nom 2009-05-04 05:45 pm (UTC)

Well, there's this. And, y'know, a bunch of Private Messages back and forth between [ profile] marta and I.

You want a timeline of events? I posted, tired and cranky, answered a few replies, went to work, THE INTERNET EXPLODED, I came back from work, talked to [ profile] marta and we fixed it. Then I went to bed, got up this morning, posted again sorting out the situation (cuz it's really silly at this point), then saw you going off about bad PR (a statement that still doesn't make sense to me, cuz it's not like I'm working for Dreamwidth or anything).

I'm not saying don't criticize me ever, but I still don't get what I did so wrong in this whole situation.

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