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Organized Monitoring of the National Organization for Marriage

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Created on 2009-04-17 16:52:49 (#87300), last updated 2009-05-16 (439 weeks ago)

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Name:Organized Monitoring of the National Organization
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Community description:Keeping track of attempts to block civil rights for homosexuals.
There are two main reasons for monitoring the efforts of organisations like The National Organization for Marriage:

1) They really have the power and the support to obtain their goals; to strip us of what legal rights we have and block us from achieving more. Tell a lie in the right way and people do believe it.

2) It's really darn funny. At the same time as being threatening and scary and actually quite dangerous (and maybe because of it), some of the things that the anti-equality lobby turn out are so hilarious we're still not sure if it's a spoof. Seriously, we could watch that video with the DRAMATIC LIGHTNING BOLTS all the day long (and we have).

Here's the thing:
OM-NOM is for both laughing at and talking about tactics used in the media as serious attempts to block equal marriage and other related issues. We want to address the claims that are being made at the same time as pointing out how ridiculous they are; both serious and less serious posts are welcome.

We're a pro-equality community - with a focus on legal recognition for couples - and as such sexism, racism, cissexism, abilism and other signs of bigotry are not welcome. It's likely moderation will be light (because we're lazy), so don't be a git.

If there are any problems, please send a pm to the moderator [personal profile] innerbrat, and I'll get on it.
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